You should not use Stripe’s services for the following activities.

Illegal products and services

  • Illegal drugs, substances designed to mimic illegal drugs and equipment designed to manufacture or consume drugs
  • Referral services or false identifications
  • Equipment for handling telecommunications, including jamming devices
  • Any company or organization that (a) encourages, promotes or celebrates violence or physical harm to persons or property, or participates in such violence or harm, or (b) encourages, promotes, celebrates or participates in violence against any group on the basis of race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or any other immutable characteristic
  • Any other product or service that violates the law in the jurisdictions in which your business is located or to which it is directed

Products and services infringing intellectual property rights

  • Sale or distribution of music, movies, software or any other licensed material without proper authorization
  • Counterfeit products, products imported or exported illegally
  • Unauthorized sale of branded or designer goods or services
  • Any other product or service that directly infringes or facilitates the infringement of any third party’s trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, proprietary or privacy rights, or facilitates their infringement

Fraudulent, abusive or misleading products and services

  • Pyramid schemes
  • “Get rich quick” scams, including, but not limited to, investment opportunities or other services that promise large rewards to deceive consumers; scams that claim to offer large rewards for very little initial effort or work, sites that promise quick and easy money, companies that make implausible claims, use misleading testimonials, pressure to make secondary sales, or use false testimonials (with or without a written contract) that offer unrealistic incentives or rewards for the purchase of products or services, but do not answer any questions after the purchase
  • Services that do not provide any added value, including the sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the purchaser and the resale of governmental offerings without authorization or added value
  • Traffic sales or interactions on the Internet
  • Marketing and telemarketing requiring a negative response to avoid charges
  • Abusive mortgage counseling, lending, credit repair and consulting services
  • Abusive investment opportunities with or without advance payments
  • Remote technical support, sites that post or remove (for a fee) mugshots, write-on-demand businesses, chain letters, door-to-door sales
  • Any other business that Stripe deems fraudulent, abusive or misleading to consumers

Content and services for adults

  • Pornography and other adult content (such as literature, images, and other media) that includes nudity or explicit sexual acts
  • Adult services, including prostitution, escorts, pay-per-view, sexual massages and live chat for adults.
  • Adult Video Clubs
  • Dance clubs, cabarets and strip clubs

Certain legal services

  • Law firms seeking funds for purposes other than the payment of legal fees for legal services
  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Bonds

Firearms, explosives and hazardous materials

  • Guns, gunpowder, ammunition, weapons, fireworks and other explosives
  • Peptides, research chemicals and other toxic, flammable and radioactive materials


  • Gambling including betting, Internet betting, sweepstakes and contests, fantasy sports leagues with monetary or material prizes
  • Sports predictions or betting games with a monetary or material prize
  • Lotteries
  • Bidding rate auctions


  • Cannabis products
  • Cannabis distributors and related businesses
  • Products containing any amount of CBD or THC

Misuse of Stripe products

  • Use of Stripe products in conjunction with false, manipulated, inaccurate or misleading information regarding your identity, your business entity, the nature of your business or any other information requested by Stripe (you must promptly inform us of any changes to your personal and business information).
  • Use of Stripe products to facilitate transactions on behalf of another undisclosed merchant or for products/services not disclosed in the merchant’s Stripe account opening request
  • Use of Stripe primarily as a virtual terminal (e.g., submitting card transactions by manually entering card information)
  • Processing in cases where a bona fide good or service is not sold, a donation is accepted or a card is tested
  • Evasion of card network chargeback monitoring programs
  • Cross-border acquiring where the merchant’s business address is outside the jurisdiction of Stripe’s acquiring entity, unless permitted by the card scheme’s rules
  • Sharing cardholder information with another merchant for payment of cross-sold products or services
  • Use of Stripe’s intellectual property without its prior written consent, use of Stripe’s name or logo, including use of its trademarks or service marks, that is not subject to Stripe’s Trademark Use Agreement, or in ways that are detrimental to Stripe or its brand, any action that implies a false endorsement by Stripe or an affiliation with the Stripe brand

Regulated sectors such as:

Financial products and services

  • Investment and brokerage services
  • Loan services
  • Buy now, pay later” type of services
  • Crowdfunding
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Insurance services, including health insurance packages
  • Money remittance, currency exchange services and other money service businesses
  • Neobanks or challenger banks
  • Other financial institutions

Government Services

  • Government subsidies
  • Embassies, foreign consulates or other foreign governments

Telemedicine and pharmaceuticals

  • Online pharmacies
  • Prescription-only products, including pharmaceuticals that do not require a physical card
  • Telemedicine and telehealth services


  • Tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and e-cigarette liquid


  • Credit card and identity theft protection services
  • Other goods or services with age restrictions

Businesses that involve a high level of financial risk such as:


  • Travel and club booking services
  • Airlines and cruises
  • Timeshare services

Non-fiduciary currencies and stored value cards

  • Virtual currencies, cryptocurrencies and related mining services
  • Prepaid phone cards, SIM cards and telephone services
  • Sale of stored value cards or credits held, accepted and issued by any person other than the seller
  • Sale of currencies or items sold within video games, unless the trader is the operator of the virtual world

Business models that may be particularly prone to abuse by malicious actors, such as:

Multilevel marketing

  • Businesses in which vendors derive their income from both the sale of goods and the recruitment of new vendors.
  • Network marketing or referral marketing programs
  • Shipping agents


  • Shipping agents
  • Forwarding agents
  • Direct shipments


  • Charity drawings and raffles for the sole purpose of fundraising